About Us

Nantha Badminton Academy is a Klang based badminton academy which was established in January 2011 with an aim to produce skillful badminton players to reach a greater height in the game.

We firmly believe that badminton is a game that shapes both the mind and physique of a person in positive ways. It combines various dynamic values possessed by an individual, namely, the agility, control and touch with overwhelming dominance to conquer the inner power in a person. Nantha Badminton Academy has an objective to bring out the potential in an invidual and transform it into the full blown talent in this  wonderful game.


Nantha Badminton Academy has been continuously achieving records of success and accomplished the goal in training students to excel in badminton. We have a professional coach to further build a strong personal foundation to make you a skilled badminton player and develop your skills further to stand tall and compete with other champions in various levels of tournament and games.


Founded and lead by Nanthakumar Tarbadas (Coach Nantha), our academy runs full scale training programs to teach the beginners to become skilled badminton players and for the experts to improve further their level of practice.

Get in touch with us now to find out more about our coaching plans or secure one of the limited places at Nantha Badminton Academy.