BADMINTON: Nantha Kumar Tabardas - "I intend to make a good structure"

nanthaThe new national technical director (DTN), the Malaysian Nantha Kumar Tabardas engaged in columns Weekend, who hopes to bring its expertise badminton Mauritius. Methodical and demanding, it is not going to the back of the spoon and give the maximum for the development of the discipline in Mauritius.

Tarbadas Nantha Kumar (33) adopts a rigorous and insightful approach. He has an academy in Malaysia and four coaches under him, is not in Mauritius to get a place in the sun. "I'm not here to rest but to work. I have developed a work program for Mauritian badistes dependent course of their categories. Currently, I am in the process of evaluating and testing "says our interlocutor. DTN has also not yet met all the players of the national elite. Day value, the Malaysian expert only met Shama Aboobakar Yoni Louison, Christopher Paul, Shaheer Ramrakha and Neeresh Ramtohul.

"I had the opportunity to see the work Kiran Baboolall once because it is the wounded away. It's hard for me to oversee this way. I expect to have all the whole group to be able to start work, "he says. It should be noted that the players of the national elite train afternoon (17h-20h). In that it is the Pole Youth Trust Fund For Excellence In Sports (SSTF), they all lead weekday morning and afternoon. DTN does not mince words when he talks about the level of players. "The level of players in the national team is lower than that of young people 7-10 years I trained at the base in Malaysia before they are fed high-level academies for their development. There especially shortcomings technically. The base is not good, "highlights the Malaysian, who stresses, however, the local investment badistes.

"They have what I would call" Never give up "attitude. They all show interest and have a great desire to learn. This is very encouraging for the future events," says Kumar Nantha Tabardas. Oven and mill, he has set up operations detections across the island to find future talent and teach them the basics. "In Malaysia, young people begin to play badminton at the age of 3-4 years. And arrived at 10 years, they have already gained excellent technical basis comparable to youth participating, for example, the African Championships juniors. therefore can easily imagine all the scale that these young Malaysians deploy when they reach 15-17 years. This is what I intend to bring to Mauritian players. This base is essential to move forward " adds DTN.

"Badminton is a complete sport, the extreme speed of the game requires intense physical commitment, flexibility and endurance. All with good coordination of movements and a constant open mind, to guess the intentions of the opponent. Indeed, playing the variety of shots that can go very fast (up to 317 km / h) or very slowly. I see that the players have a lot of talent in Mauritius but they do not think enough and do not know what tactics to use to defeat the opponent or the counter. I will prepare them psychologically and mentally so that they are able to make a difference at the right time, "says our interlocutor. Nantha Kumar Tabardas hope that badminton is one of the country's flagship disciplines in the future. "I intend to make a good structure and proceed step by step. Currently, I work with Stephan Beeharry and Sahir Edoo coaches. The first deals specifically with the SSTF. They are very competent, but should be other "the Malaysian states.

Anyway, it is clear that the Mauritian Badminton Association (AMB) has in Malay, a DTN high quality. Hopefully he knows the same success as its predecessor and compatriot Venu Gopal, former DTN, which had brought the national team to continental summits in the early 1990s.

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