Badminton African Cup of Nations - Mauritius Union Group: united behind badistes

shamaWith the approach of the African Cup of Nations Badminton (seniors) to be held from 14 to 20 August at the National Rose Hill Centre, Mauritius Union Group will have a big role to play in this event, since ' it will be the official sponsor of this deadline will bring together the best badistes African region.

"We want to thank the Mauritius Union Group for its partnership for the African Championships and for the Mauritius International (Editor's note: 20 to 24 August). This proves that the group noted the efforts made by the Mauritian Badminton Association (AMB), over the years, with positive results that followed, especially with gold medals at the Africa Junior Championships and at School of African Championships, "says the chairman of the BMA, Bashir Mungroo. At the African Cup of Nations Badminton, team Maurice, who trains for months under the supervision of the National Technical Director (DTN), the Malaysian Nantha Kumar Tarbadas will compete in South Africa, Algeria, Botswana, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Nigeria, Uganda, Seychelles, Tanzania and Zambia. "It will not be easy for the team of Maurice, but we hope that the work will pay, "said Bashir Mungroo.

Internship in Malaysia

Present in the selection for several years, which is also Shama Aboobakar 'Senior Consultant at National Mutual Fund, a subsidiary of Mauritius Union Group, will be the captain of the team during this event. Kris Lutchmeenaraidoo, CEO of Mauritius Union Group, believes in the Mauritian team.

"At the Mauritius Union, we have always been proud of the sporting achievements of Shama. We have always encouraged and supported. This year, the entire team that we wanted to win support by providing all facilities. We strongly believe in its potential and we encourage all Mauritians to attend the games in large numbers. "

The team will complete its preparation Malaysia, from July 26 to August 8, and will benefit from the travel insurance offered by the Mauritius Union. On Saturday 10 August, the team presentation of Mauritius will be at the National Center for Rose Hill before entering the preparation with a team-building Aug. 13.

No doubt that the national team will aim higher than the third step of the podium on the African scene.

The team of Mauritius

Shama Aboobakar (Captain)
Kate Foo Kune
Nikki Lam Cham
Yeldi Louison
Aurélie Allet
Shaama Sandooyea
Shaheer Ramrakha (vice-captain)
Kiran Baboolall
Paul Julien
Yoni Louison
Sahir Edoo
Atish Lubah

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