Badminton: Mauritius is the podium at the African Championships

expert-badmintonThe African Badminton Championships are held in Mauritius from 14 to 20 August. So the tournament begins today with the team competition.

Maurice addition, 15 countries participate in the championship: South Africa, Algeria, Botswana, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Nigeria, the Uganda, Seychelles, Tanzania and Zambia.

Mauritian colors will be defended by 12 players including six women and many men. Mauritius boasts the competition with new life through the provision of new DTN, the Malaysian Nantha Kumar Tarbadas. Mauritians will try to make their way to the top. After an internship in Malaysia, Mauritius coach remains confident his players.

"The internship in Malaysia was very beneficial. They were more exposed players to a higher level. It was a test of both technical and physical with a session in the morning and games in the afternoon. However, most of them, nine out of twelve players, still recovering from injury. I really have not been able to push down. So they can not be at the top of their form after a relatively short period of preparation. However, they are generally prepared and ready to excel. The objective will be finalist team tournament or worse to be in the semifinals. However, we can aim better than a bronze medal last year in Ethiopia in male and female. In the individual tournament and compared in Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda, I think we have a chance to podium in women's doubles and mixed doubles, "said the coach.

"Since our return from Malaysia (last Thursday), we were at rest until Monday. But from first to last the course, we saw signs of progress, "enthuses Shama Aboobakar captain selection." The important thing is to enter as soon as possible in the tournament, " she confided.

"In fact, these championships have become a goal for me when preparation began in February. The coach encouraged me to come back, but my plan preparation was different from the others. It was rebuild physically and work on technique and tactics. Internship in Malaysia definitely put me more confident ... As our opponents, South Africa seems more beatable than usual then Nigeria will be the favorite, "said the former No. 1mauricien, Sahir Edoo.

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