Nantha Badminton Academy is proud to present a wide range of badminton coaching programs that suit to different category of players and levels. We are always sensitive to the need and requirement of each individual. The Junior Training program is well suited to beginners who want to learn playing

badminton as a hobby or to graduate to the next level. Our Intermediate Program is for those who have learned the very fundamental of badminton and want to take the game more seriously. The ultimate in our coaching program is an "Elite Level Program" catered to those who want to take Badminton as a professional interest and to achieve a personal recognition.

Junior  Training Programmes

junior-badmintonGrassroots Programme – This training program is targeted for beginners. Training is provided so that the trainees are able to involve themselves actively in the badminton sports. Elements of fun but meaningful badminton lessons will be applied to cultivate the trainees’ interest in the sports.


Intermediate Programme

intermediate-badmintonThis training programme focuses more on racquet skills, basic footwork and tactical skills  that are required to play good badminton.



Elite Programme

expert-badmintonThis training programme is and advanced level training programme which focuses on advanced racquet skills, footwork, tactical skills and overall fitness that are required by an elite badminton player. This programme prepares trainees towards achievements.


Senior Training Programme

senior-badmintonNantha Badminton Academy provides training to improve racquet skills, footwork and tactical skills. Our training is bespoke and will be conducted on the basis of one-on-one coaching. We offer a very competitive hourly fee of RM60 per hour for the maximum benefit that you enjoy from our training.


Women Training Programme

women-badmintonOur women training is targeted to beginners and intermediate levels. This training is provided to improve your racquet skills, footwork and tactical skills. The programme’s objective is to encourage more women to participate in the badminton sports and maintain a healthy lifestyle through it and achieve the great benefit of exercise to ensure that you're in good shape and be active all the time. Training will be conducted on the basis of group training to encourage active participation and to ensure that you gain the most out of what we got to offer.

Video Analysis

Video analysis is an additional service which is provided to further enhance a player’s performance. There are two types of services :


Analysis based on match plays in tournament or non-tournament events/training by the academy.


Analysis based on own recording provided by trainees (maximum 1 match per analysis).

Fees for video analysis : RM100 per hour